Netahlo Race

The Netahlo Race ski is handmade with a high degree of accuracy to ensure a quality product. The wood is blue
varnished ash which absorbs vibrations and gives exact flex pattern to the grasski. The chrome-nickel rail is carefully
polished. It undergoes a finishing process which results in higher speeds and longer lasting durability. The racing
elements feature polished axles, that undergo the same finishing process as the rail, as well as high quality machined
nylon rolls. The binding system is machined and painted; giving the ski visual appeal, as well as reducing the weight.

Available Lengths and Price List

  • Kids 68cm - $950.00 $475.00
  • Junior Slalom 77cm - $999.00 $499.50
  • Womens Slalom / Junior GS 82cm - $1200.00 $600.00
  • Mens Slalom / Junior GS / Junior SG 87cm - $1200.00 $600.00
  • Women GS / Womens SG 92cm - $1200.00 $600.00
  • Mens GS / Mens SG 97cm -$1200.00 $600.00
- Each pair of grasskis comes with 5 replacment plates, 4 replacment elements,
  and the binding system (2 toe pieces and 2 heel pieces).